The guest information book is dead

What do guests want?

The most important thing of course is a good night’s sleep. But after that, they rely on their host to provide them with the information they need to have a fantastic stay.

Accommodation providers have struggled with this for years, penning page after page of information and creating the traditional guest directory with content such as where to go, what to see and how to operate the appliances.

Guests don’t have access to this before they arrive, and during their stay they don’t want to be wading through screeds of paper.

Give guests what they want

Nowadays, all the information guests need can be found on their phone. So why not give them the information you know they need on their own device with your own guest welcome app?

How do I do that?

Using criton for 2 to 3 hours will let you dump the traditional guest directory and give your guests a cool guest information app.

Use our app builder and chose from our range of templates and layouts and customise your app with your branding. You can change every element, from startup image, logo, colours to icons. Add your content with our pre-built pages or create your own.

You can test and publish your app directly from criton. No need to send your app to Google Play and iTunes, we take care of that for your. You can also publish your app as a web app – a solution that will suit your short-term guests.

A system designed to save busy hospitality professionals time and money

Why a guest welcome app?


Your app can contain various types of content such as instructional video guides that will make your guests’ lives easier.


A mobile app means less late phone calls from your guests and no need to reprint all your books when you want to change the content.


You know what the best local attractions are. Direct your guests to the best places and restaurants in your area. An app gives them this information even when they are out and about.


Criton can publish your app to the Apple App Store (iPhones and iPads), Google Play (Android devices) and as a web app, meaning your guests can access it at all times from a various range of devices.


Is the information outdated? No problem, updating the information in your app is easy and quick. Just log in to criton and make your edits.


Integrate your booking system to your app or create a booking request form for commission-free mobile bookings.

With criton, building an app is easy! Why not try it yourself with a free trial?

Don’t take our word for it!

Powerful features for your guests

Push Notifications

Send reminders, offers or custom links to your guests.

How To Guides

Include video and written guides to help your guest use your appliances.

commission-free bookings

Link your online booking system or create a booking request form.

Wi-Fi Information

Wi-Fi password and instructions so your guests can get online as soon as they arrive.

Places of Interest

Recommend local places and activities to your guests.

In-app Messaging

Your guests can contact you via online chat directly from the app.

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