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Our Story

Julie Grieve ran a luxury serviced apartment business in Edinburgh called Lateral City prior to founding Information Apps. When setting them up, she created a guest information book, which took a significant amount of time and money and yet as soon as it was printed and in the apartments, she realised it was out of date as a local restaurant had closed down.

Furthermore, one of the beautiful locations in the group was proving a little tricky for guests to find, as its entrance was set back from the main street. No matter how detailed the instructions were, guests often said things like “Oh, I didn’t notice that email”, or “I couldn’t find your message and I didn’t want to use my data”.

At the same time, she had re-written instructions for the boiler in her holiday home because guests found it difficult to operate. She wondered if there was a way she could make a video of how to use it and if she made it where would she store it and what might that costs?

This led her to look for an innovative way to help her guests have the information they needed at their fingertips, and Criton, the app builder for the hospitality industry, was born.

Our Values


Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the way property owners interact with their customers

Customer Focus

We are committed to saving our customers time and money and ensuring our clients’ guests have a memorable visitor experience.


We recognise that we can achieve more by working together than as individuals.


We are committed to business growth and confident in our abilities to succeed.

Our Team

Julie Grieve

Founder & CEO
Julie is the Founder and CEO of Criton. She ran a luxury serviced apartment business in Edinburgh called Lateral City prior to founding Criton.

Cedric Clain

Tech Lead
In search of a new challenge, Cedric joined Criton in 2016 after completing his Masters in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh. He loves technology, music, and is an aspiring violonist.
Louis Pernet Criton

Louis Pernet

Digital Marketing Executive
Louis joined Criton in February 2017. Prior to that, he worked for a French startup in New York.
Stephanie Post Criton

Stephanie Post

UI/UX Designer
Stephanie joined Criton to achieve an exciting career that was in line with her Degree, Digital Interaction Design, and her passion. Stephanie loves putting users first when creating engaging and intuitive experiences.

Rebecca Strugnell

Frontend Developer
Rebecca joined Criton in January 2017 after graduating from Codeclan.

Ron Crawford

Talent Acquisition & Internal Recruitment
Ron joined Criton having spent the last 11 years recruiting for a number of agencies in Edinburgh. Over the years having recruited across sectors including Technology, Accounts/Finance and Hospitality.


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