Case Studies

The Knight Residence

Located in the heart of Edinburgh, The Knight Residence receive many guests from around the world in the serviced apartments. Discover how their app helped them create a full guest experience for their guests even before they set foot in Scotland’s capital city.

Colin Stone, General Manager: “We see criton as a valuable way to tap into our guests’ mindset and build their connection with us.”

Haggis Hostels

Haggis Hostels offer accommodations to the travellers stopping in Edinburgh. As their guests are keen to make the most of what the city has to offer and visit other parts of Scotland, Haggis Hostels built the perfect tailored guide for them in their app.

Chris Davidson, Managing Director: “Our app gives our guests up to date information and personal knowledge of our city and surrounding area allowing us to update current info in real time with high resolution images and detailed text.”

Nira Caledonia

Nira Caledonia is a luxury boutique hotel that blends Bohemian chic with contemporary comfort and welcomes independent-minded travellers from every part of the world. Discover how their app transformed their guest experience.

Chris Lynch, General Manager: “The app builder is very intuitive and easy to use. It produces slick results which look, feel and operate exceptionally well. After an hour or so you get in to the swing and it’s all very easy to use.”

Keble College B&B


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