Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRITON?

A cloud software system which allows you to enter content regarding your holiday home or apartment and its location and then publish that to an app. Think of it as a digital butler. It will replace the guest information book because its consumable by your guest whenever they want the information rather than being stuck in the apartment.

What does the free trial allow me to do?

Use CRITON to build enter the content of the app you want to build and to preview it on our back end preview.

Can I publish an app in the free trial?

Sorry no, there’s some work involved in this and so we only publish apps which have been paid for.

Will the app work in both IOS and Android?

Yes. A web app will work on all mobile devices and depending on your subscription, you can publish your app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

How will my guest know about my app?

You need to tell them! Encourage them to download it as soon as they book and remind them each time you contact them prior to arrival. Check out our blog for more tips on how to promote your app.

What if my guests don’t want to download an app?

That’s entirely up to them, perhaps you will choose to put the app on a tablet which guest can use during their stay? They can also use your web app, which they won’t need to download.

Can I send my guests special offers via the app?

Yes! Using the push notification feature.

What happens if I want to update my app?

The great thing about CRITON is that you can make changes at any time and the majority of them are published immediately.

What happens if I change my logo or images?

Upload them into CRITON and they will appear in your app.

Who are Information Apps Limited?

The company which owns Criton. We now operate under the name Criton (formerly it was split between Criton and Information Apps).

Why is it called CRITON?

We were looking for the name of a butler and Kryten from Red Dwarf came up and that led us to the story of The Admirable Crichton. We loved the story and the rest is history. We removed the ‘ch’ because it makes it easier to pronounce!

Need more help?

If you can’t find your answer here contact us directly:

Tel: 0800 970 4410

Email: support@critonapps.com