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criton push notifications

Push Notifications

Engage your guests with push notifications. Use them to set up reminders or promote special offers or events.

They can contain a message, pictures or link to a web page or a feature of your app.

Places of Interest

Guide your guests to the best sites, activities and eateries through the power of your app.

Giving your clients all the information about nearby places of interest means that you don’t have to make assumptions about what they’ll be interested in; like whether they would prefer a McDonald’s to a Michelin star!

Video Guides

Instruction manuals are a thing of the past, and often people would sooner look up Youtube when they come across a difficulty that requires instructions or guidance.

With the power and ease of video guides, you can instruct your guests on absolutely anything you want. Simply record the video on your phone or camera, and upload it to your app.

In-app Messaging

Today’s guests prefer to communicate via their mobile devices.

Let your guests contact you directly from the app with Loop Messenger™ and order frequently requested items for their room using Loop OnDemand™. Engage your guests and build an emotional connection with them to increase satisfaction. Receive guest requests directly in your Loop Inbox™ and reduce calls to the front desk for frequently-requested items.

Bubbl Integration

Bubbl is an iOS and Android app plug-in and SDK with a sophisticated, highly accurate, geofence activation cloud-based campaign and analytics platform.

As a business, you can benefit from the mobile phone explosion and connect with a previously unreachable audience, knowing exactly where they are when you target them. They retain their privacy and you get dynamic communication and endless opportunities to build and improve your brand’s profile.

Wi-Fi Information

When your guests are away from home, they’ll want to be able to stay in touch with family, and continue to have immediate access to literally millions of cat videos.

Put your Wifi name and password in your app, so that your guests can easily find it – all they have to do is copy and paste the password to get connected.

You can also let them know about all the nearby public Wifi hotspots, so that they can stay connected even when out and about.

Mobile Booking: Commission-free

While your app is incredibly useful to your guests during their stay, it also represents your property for prospective clients – they can download it and check out everything you have to offer.

Make booking your property as easy as falling off a log, and you give anyone researching holiday homes little reason not to just book right away, from within your own Criton app.

TripAdvisor Review Integration

Encourage your guests to leave you a TripAdvisor review by putting your profile at the heart of your app.

It’s much more personal than an anonymous follow up email, and will guarantee you more reviews than ever before. 

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Custom Page: Build your own feature

Cannot find the feature you are looking for? Use our custom page to create your own! You can add any type of content – text, images, slider, attachments, buttons and more.

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