"I can't find the on switch!"
"How do I make the water warm?"
"Is there a takeaway place nearby?"

Sound Familiar?

We want to save you and your hospitality business time.  We enable you to create an app, bespoke to your property, to act as your digital concierge.  Because you can’t be everywhere at once and it’s much cheaper than employing a call centre, or replying to endless messages.  

Follow these 3 simple Steps:

Design and customise your app with Criton

Design and customise your app with Criton

Add the information you want it to include

Add the information you want it to include

Publish to the Apple and Google Play Stores

Publish to the Apple and Google Play Stores

Then, all you have to do is point your guests in the direction of the App Store or Google Play when they make their booking.

From there they can download your app and have access to all the information they might require. Its up to you how much information you include, but do try to remember how unusual guest enquiries have been in the past. If you don’t get it right straight away, you can update or customise your app at any time.

Features available for your app

Instructional Video Guides

Instruction manuals are a thing of the past, and often people would sooner look up Youtube when they come across a difficulty that requires instructions or guidance.

With the power and ease of video guides, you can instruct your guests on absolutely anything you want (but probably best that it relates to your property!).  Simply record the video on your phone or camera, and upload it to your app.


Recommend Places of Interest

Guide your guests to the best sites, activities and eateries through the power of your app.  

Where available, you can plot Apple iBeacons, allowing your guests to easily find the places that interest them.  

Giving your clients all the information about nearby places of interest means that you don’t have to make assumptions about what they’ll be interested in; like whether they would prefer a McDonald’s to a Michelin star!  


Mobile Booking: Commission-free

While your app is incredibly useful to your guests during their stay, it also represents your property for prospective clients - they can download it and check out everything you have to offer.

Make booking your property as easy as falling off a log, and you give anyone researching holiday homes little reason not to just book right away, from within your own Criton app.

Man contemplating

TripAdvisor Review Integration

Encourage your guests to leave you a TripAdvisor review by putting your profile at the heart of your app.  

It’s much more personal than an anonymous follow up email, and will guarantee you more reviews than ever before. We can even help you track them down if they give you a bad review.  

(OK — that second part isn’t true).


Padlock Features

Sometimes, you’ll be adding information to your app - like the code for a keysafe - that you’d rather ensure stays between you and your guests.

With Padlock, you can make any (or all) aspects of your app require approval to see - a guest just requests access through the app, or you pre-emptively grant it - so they can get to the private information but it’s kept secret from anyone who hasn’t booked with you.

Chatting with clients

Emergency Contacts

You want your guests to feel safe. Staying somewhere unfamiliar can be daunting, and leave them feeling potentially isolated or uncomfortable.

By putting nearby emergency services on your app you can reassure them of local contacts and how to reach them -  in case of robbery, injury, fire or demonic posession!

Waiting on a sofa

Property Wifi Information

When your guests are away from home, they’ll want to be able to stay in touch with family, and continue to have immediate access to 
literally millions of cat videos.

Put your Wifi name and password in your app, so that your guests can easily find it - all they have to do is copy and paste the password to get connected.

You can also let them know about all the nearby public Wifi hotspots, so that they can stay connected even when out and about.

Wifi dongle

And many more...

Contact Details - allow guests to reach you easily

Find Us - Video upload facility for hard to find locations

Mobile booking - Take bookings inside the app

Facebook - Guests can use Facebook from inside the app

Gallery - Images of your property

Early Check-in Request - Contact form for requests

Late Check-out Request - Contact form for requests

Takeaway Listings - Nearby food take-out recommendations

Feedback facility - Support your guests’ issues directly

Weather - Local weather reports

RSS feed

Tips Calculator - Help guests with local customs

Custom Page – to design whatever you like!

Form – allows you to set up your own questionnaire

Padlock – the ability to lock any of the content for your verified guests