Features you want


In-app messaging

Let your guests chat to you anytime. Use messaging to personalise their stay. Make it easy for guests to prebook services.

upsell services

Push notifications

Send unlimited notices to your guests giving them relevant and up-to-date information about your services. Upsell last minutes slots and cancellations.


Mobile booking

Direct link to your mobile booking site means guests can book from the app with no commission.


How-to guides

Reduce how-to calls to reception. Video guides helps guests operate your appliances.


Places of interest

Share your vast knowledge with your guests to ensure they make the most of their time and have an authentic stay.

recoVer at-risk guests

Feedback and reviews

Studies show that 53% will talk about bad customer experience. Use in-app feedback forms to nip concerns in the bud before they get to TripAdvisor.

“The app has been hugely beneficial to us and our guests. By encouraging guests to download the app prior to getting here, they arrive with more knowledge about the resort and the island – providing them with a better experience.” – Gordon Hay, Auchrannie Resort

Discover why other hoteliers have built their own hotel app:

Your brand in front

We know how important it is for independent hotels, serviced apartments and hostels to stand out from the crowd. Criton allows you to fully brand your app, reinforcing your brand to your guests. You can also fully customise your app so it is individual to your hotel and does not look like an off the shelf app.

Stop wasting money, start making it

Every time you reprint the guest directory it’s out of date as soon as it hits the rooms. The information is static and this leads to lots of extra in-room flyers and leaflets which are costly.

Turning the guest directory into an app saves you money immediately and allows you to upsell cancellations in your restaurant or spa, both improve your bottom line.

It’s time to get digital

Times are changing. Service means different things nowadays. Guests want to be able to communicate via their own device at a time that suits them.

With Criton, you’re in control of content and your guests are in control of the information because it’s always with them. Because Criton is an app, it can be downloaded to an in-room tablet.

That’s what guests want.

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How it works


Easily add all the information your guests need and want with our pre-built features our the custom page option.


Select from various templates and layouts and make it your own. Add your branding and your colours in just a few clicks.

3. publish YOUR APP

Test your app and publish it as a web app or send it to Google Play and the Apple App Store directly from your dashboard.

Plans starting at £24.00/month

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