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Give your guests a fantastic experience with your own guest app. Our app builder is easy to use and was made specifically for the hospitality industry. Show your guests the best there is to do and see and offer them the information they want on their own devices.

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Why do I need a guest app?

Whether you operate an independent hotel, serviced apartments, a hotel chain or a hostel, there is one element that is essential for you: providing your guests a great experience. A guest app will help you do that and support your staff.


Give your guests all the information they want and need, prior to their stay. Your guest app will help make their stay memorable and stress-free. 

SAVE TIME & money

With our app builder, you have complete control over your content, meaning you can easily update your information anytime at no extra cost.


Giving your guests a better access to your services and information will mean less requests and admin tasks for your staff.

Progressive web app

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Plans starting at £24.00/month

Key Features & Integrations

Our app builder provides pre-built features and functionalities especially designed for hospitality accommodations, no matter what their size is.

In-app messaging

Let your guests chat to you anytime with Loop Messenger™. Use messaging to personalise their stay. Make it easy for guests to pre-book services with Loop OnDemand™.

Push notifications

Send unlimited notices to your guests giving them relevant and up-to-date information about your services. Upsell last minutes slots and cancellations.

Local information

Share your vast knowledge with your guests to ensure they make the most of their time and have an authentic stay.

Mobile Booking

Direct link to your mobile booking site means guests can book from the app with no commission.

Feedback and reviews

Studies show that 53% will talk about bad customer experience. Use in-app feedback forms to nip concerns in the bud before they get to TripAdvisor.

How-to guides

Reduce how-to calls to reception. Video guides helps guests operate your appliances easily.

Why us?

Criton’s CEO Julie Grieve ran a luxury serviced apartment business in Scotland prior to founding the company, which led her to look for an innovative way to help her guests have the information they needed at their fingertips.

We built Criton exclusively for the hospitality industry. We are constantly improving the app builder and adding new functionalities and integrations. We know how important guest experience is. 

We believe that technology can transform the guest experiences of the future. And we’d like yours to lead the way.