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We have made building a guest app easy. Simply follow the steps in the app builder and you will be ready to publish your guest app in no time.

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Step 1

Add your content

Select your features and add your content easily. We have built features specifically for the hospitality industry to make it easy to add your content. You can also create your own features with Custom pages and Custom Lists.

Step 2

Customise your app design

Make your brand shine in your app! Add your logo, images, colours and customise the layout of your app to make it truly unique.

Step 3

Test your app on your devices

Get a feel for your app. Our testing feature allows you to try your app on your own devices to make sure the user experience is optimal before sending the app to publication.

Step 4

Publish your app

Publish your app as a web app, an Android app, an iOS app or as part of a container app* directly from your dashboard. And that’s it! Once your app is published, you can send it to your guests.

*Our container app functionality is scheduled to be release in Spring/Summer 2018.

Full content control

With the Criton platform, you have total control over your guest app. You can update its content at any time, your app will be updated automatically. This way, you can offer your guests up-to-date content at no extra cost.

Integrate great guest-facing technology

Let your guests contact you directly from the app with Loop Messenger™ and order frequently requested items for their room using Loop OnDemand™.

Engage your guests and build an emotional connection with them to increase satisfaction. Receive guest requests directly in your Loop Inbox™ and reduce calls to the front desk for frequently-requested items.

Bubbl is an iOS and Android app plug-in and SDK with a sophisticated, highly accurate, geofence activation cloud-based campaign and analytics platform.

As a business, you can benefit from the mobile phone explosion and connect with a previously unreachable audience, knowing exactly where they are when you target them.

They retain their privacy and you get dynamic communication and endless opportunities to build and improve your brand’s profile.

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